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Since establishing her practice in 2009, Michelle has had the opportunity to carry out thousands of outpatient counseling sessions for individuals with widely varying nutritional needs and medical conditions.
Michelle's current focus at both her Sydney City and Bondi Junction clinics is in providing dietary counseling and assessment on an individual basis, although group sessions can be arranged if specifically requested.
Although not an exhaustive list, the links to the right hand side of this page provide some initial nutritional facts and information about some of the more common areas that Michelle has been involved in at her clinic over the past 7 years, as well as providing a short summary on how a dietitians expertise and guidance can be of benefit to you in reaching your goals.
Individual sessions can be booked online, or by calling or emailing your inquiry.
Initial consultations are 1 hour duration and include an analysis and assessment of your current diet, together with preparation of  detailed meal plan tailored to help you achieve your nutritional goals.
Follow up sessions can then be scheduled to assess progress and allow refinements to be made as needed. Each review session typically takes 30 minutes.
The frequency and number of review sessions that are needed vary greatly and are largely dependant on each persons nutritional goals and their own success in achieving these goals. Typically, those attending sessions for Weight Management and Eating Disorders have more success when they undertake regular review sessions with a dietitian.
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